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Days of Yore
Jane's Background

Marketing Team West
Jane at a hand-powered printing press in the Days of Yore.

I’ve always used communications effectively to deliver a message or sell a product. After college, I was an ad and print sales rep and a publisher/editor of a series of related publications in the Dallas area. This included features in local newspapers called "Shopping Around"; a book, "Shopping the Unique, Rare and Hard to Find"; and neighborhood publications under the "Living Around" banner.

But my marketing career was defined by my 13 years at JCPenney Direct Marketing Services. It was an exciting time as we experienced phenomenal growth each year and became the largest direct marketer in the world.

Marketing Team West
International Resource Team Leader

I began as a print production coordinator responsible for 13 million brochures each month. Working in conjunction with a great internal marketing communications team, I developed my own test inserts that frequently beat the “control” mailer.   Later, as a senior project manager, I developed a successful loyalty/retention program called Resell. Once you sell them it’s cheaper to keep your customers than find new ones, and that's still a true principle today.

Next, I found myself in a new group called Total Quality Management, known as TQM, as an internal process improvement consultant. That was different, as I had to look at systems and efforts more holistically as opposed to just the marketing perspective. I don’t know if large companies use TQM today, but the premise is valid and still essential for any worthy undertaking. Best practices. Team work. Business excellence. The ultimate aim being customer delight with your product or service and how to leverage your limited resources to achieve the most profit!

Marketing Team WestLater in my career at JCPenney Direct Marketing Services, I became the International Process Manager and team leader for that new division. In two years we were in three new continents. I was the first and only employee of that initiative for a year, working under a brilliant executive VP. I am still really proud of that effort. 

But we longed to return to beautiful Arizona, so we left Dallas and our great jobs and returned to Scottsdale, where I graduated from high school. After not finding a similar job, I started my own marketing business, helping local business owners promote their enterprises.

I work with the Adobe Creative Suite of products; InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and enough Dreamweaver to keep HTML sites updated! Brian and I easily share files using the latest Adobe CS5 Master Collection software.

Brian's Background  

There's no room for Brian's extensive background since Jane took the space up talking about herself. But again, why not go to Brian's Video Production Site and Web Development Site and see for yourself!