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You Need a Great Web Presence

Website Design by Marketing Team WestYou know you need a great website. There’s just no way around this!  It’s your online brochure that you don’t pay to print and mail, yet still has the potential to deliver your message to a world of prospects. 

We will work with you to develop your content and to make your look and message consistent with your other advertising efforts.  Plus we think in terms of “repurposing” your marketing materials to get the most leverage for your content.

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Our website development incorporates the latest techniques in search engine optimization (SEO).

Mobile Marketing
Fifty percent of users now depend on their smart phone or tablet to access the internet. Does your site come up on your phone? If not, we can fix that for you! Mobile Media with Marketing Team West

Simply press “Local” and “Restaurants” on a smart phone with a GPS, and nearby restaurants with a web presence come up by category.  Look at the website or just press the phone number and in seconds you are making a reservation. And getting verbal navigation to your door. Much handier than a computer search.


Integrated Marketing

Check out the community website we develeped for Jane's sitneighborhood, The purpose of this website is to have a broader reach to market our services, beyond this website.

Our sites are not only mobile device optimized for even the smallest smart phone, but can also be viewed beautifully on the largest TV screen!

Pinnacle Peak Local

Social Media
Facebook and Twitter are examples of marketing tactics. If you are a small business, you should not depend entirely on social media, you need a great website to steer people to in order to improve your chances of closing the sale. And it's a huge part of your branding, so make sure your message, look and "voice" is consistent with your other media! It's not a good idea to hire newbies to handle your social media.

Valerie's Facebook Fan Page

We are big fans YouTube as inexpensive ways to steer more people to your website and it's a great way to "host" videos on your site without slowing it to see some of our You Tube Videos.  

It's easy to make videos about your favorite subject. When combined with careful SEO, these efforts can lead the reader to your website.  These trends change so we watch all this carefully. 

In the end, good marketing takes into account the strengths and unique position of the client and pairs it with the most effective techniques to promote the product or service.  The tactics may change, but the marketing process remains the same.   

Banner Advertising & Google Ad Words  

Banner advertising is basically the ads that appear on websites where you click to the website or a "landing page." Google Ad Words is also known as Pay-Per-Click. Both of these types of advertising can be very effective. But the design has to eye-catching the headlines catchy.