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Special Events & PR

Special Events and Public Relations - Team West Marketing

PR stands for public relations, not press release, a tool some overly advocate! Public relations includes a host of activities relating to your image and visibility in the community.  While it's true that for decades the press release was one of the strongest quivers in the PR quiver-box, sadly today, newspapers have lost many of their readers and advertisers. There is simply not enough of a profit margin for newspapers to print all the “free” publicity articles they are sent.  

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We believe the press release is still valid, but usually just to spark the interest of the reporters who remain at the newspapers and publications. They may not want to share their byline space with a bunch of outsiders. There is no doubt that lifestyle reporters enjoy the perks of attending events and eating free food, so there may still be some validity to this approach. Establish a rapport with your local news and feature writers and become their favorite "authority" on the subject! They may just call you.

Options like PRNewswire, allow you to pay for inclusion in online news.

In our opinion it is essential that today’s PR focus should be related to the web.  There are scores of no-pay sites where you can communicate with potential prospects, often after simply registering.  Recently for a non-profit, we were able to get their upcoming event listed on about 20 different sites.  (Having an event helps!)

Trade magazines will print articles that you can link to your site to give you more credibility. Links help your website rise in prominence on a search.

Don't forget to ask your customers to write great online reviews for you!

Customer Greesewood Flats featured on The Travel ChannelOne of our PR coups was luring the Travel Channel show “Great Hotels” to famous local western saloon, Greasewood Flat.

Travel Channel Video
Click to watch the
Travel Channel Video

We wrote the script essentially and set everything up, including original music, dancers, etc., for the producer who would later earn an Emmy for the series.  The five-minute segment on the "Boulders Great Hotels" episode is still shown a couple times a year all over the world and has been seen by tens of millions of people. It didn't cost a penny! Click the image on the right to watch excerpts from the video.

What is the role of search engine optimization in media relations?

The result of the keyword research is to create words and phrases that will pull your article and site up high on a search. These should be repeated throughout your media.  You have to determine what variations of phrases are in demand. In other words you focus on content according to what people are looking for.