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Who is Marketing Team West?

Jane Babineaux - Marketing Team West

Jane Babineaux

Jane Babineaux

I'm a lifelong marketing professional located in North Scottsdale, Arizona. I've been a successful marketer of products and services my entire career, spanning three decades. In the last dozen years I've grown my own entrepreneurial expertise, developing many effective campaigns for local and regional businesses.

I have a "marketing obsession". If she can steer a conversation to this exciting topic, I will!

Before I started my own advertising and marketing business in 2002 (Catapult Marketing), my skills were honed during my 13 years in a senior management role at JCPenney Direct Marketing Services, a Global 500 company (now Transamerica Life). There I consistently produced profitable direct mail and credit card billing advertising efforts. As JCPDMS expanded into "third party" marketing, I managed successful marketing campaigns for such business partners as AT&T Universal Card, MBNA, First Card, Discover, Sears Canada and many more top banks and retailers in North America.

I have designed and managed campaigns that have produced millions of dollars in revenue.

Dedicating my entire career to marketing and communications, I am a graduate of the University of Arizona, with a BA in Journalism and minor in Marketing.

Brian Biggs aka The Alpine Geek
Brian Biggs, aka Alpine Geek

Brian Biggs

Aka the Alpine Geek, Brian is a web genius and great marketer too. We are grade-school (through college) friends, who reconnected on Facebook. After doing one project together we realized we had complementary strengths and a similar customer-focused orientation. So we bundled our expertise to create Marketing Team West.

Brian graduated from the prestigious Kansas City Art Institue with a BFA in Photography & Video. He was General Manager of the Kansas City Merchandise Mart & Convention Center and also produced hundreds of commercials and videos while working for TV stations there.

Check out Brian's latest venture, Fall River Productions.


Marketing your business isn't a job for greenhorns.

We have each been in the business of promoting enterprises, destinations, people, products and services for more than three decades.

We believe the only true measure of our success is our ability to bring you prospective customers. We are together and individually challenged to continually prove ourselves, so thankfully, we do!

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